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Kayak Training Courses

Are you interested in becoming a kayaking instructor, kayaking coach or guide? Do you want to improve your paddling skills and gain confidence on the water? Maybe you have a passion for paddling and want to inspire others to enjoy life from the water?

We offer a wide range of courses to develop your personal and coaching skills. British Canoeing (BC) courses include the NEW Paddlesport Instructor, and Paddlesport Leader Award, BC 3 Star Awards in Sea and Surf Kayaking and BC Moderate Water and Advanced Water Leader Awards in Sea and Surf (formerly 4 and 5 Star). To find out which course is best for you and get more information go to the British Canoeing website or Get in Touch.

Why choose Lizard Adventure?

J-P Eatock is the most qualified sea and surf kayak coach based in Cornwall. He trains and technically advises a number of Kayaking providers around the UK. We can choose from a number of amazing locations around Cornwall to ensure the course meets your needs.

We also specialise in Surf Kayak Coaching, visit the website for more info.

BC Paddlesport Instructor Award (NEW for 2019)

This course will prepare kayakers for their first Paddlesport instructor role in very sheltered water. It is a 2 day training and assessment course.  Find out more: British Canoeing

BC Paddlesport Leader Award

This Award is aimed at kayak leaders in benign, sheltered water environments. Training and assessment can be arranged on demand.


Prices & Booking

  • NEW BC Paddlesport Instructor (2 days training & assessment) – £199
  • Paddlesport Leader Assessment (1 day, max 2 people) – £165 each (2 people) or £300 for 1 
  • BC Sea Kayak (Moderate Water) Leader – £185 for training OR  £195 for assessment (2 days each)
  • BC Advanced Sea Kayak Leader – £ TBC (2 days each)  * BC OWNTP/CNTP – £75 (+BC fee)
  • BC Surf Kayak (Moderate Water) Leader – £199  for Training OR £210  for Assessment (2 days each)
  • BC Advanced Surf Kayak Leader – £210 for Training OR £220 for Assessment (2 days each)

Booking Form Terms & Condition

Dates & Details

Courses can be arranged on demand with sufficient numbers.  Contact us  to find out more and get on our mailing list.

  • NEW BC Paddlesport Instructor: 4-5th March 2019
  • BC Paddlesport Leader Assessment: 23rd April 2019 OR  booked on demand at a venue of your choice.
  • BC Sea Kayak Leader Training (Moderate Water): 9-10th May 2019
  • BC Sea Kayak Leader Assessment (Moderate Water): 7-8th Oct 2019
  • BC Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning: 22nd April 2019
  • BC Surf Kayak Leader (old 4 Star) Training: 14-15th Oct 2019
  • BC Surf Kayak Leader Assessment: 29-30th April 2019
  • BC Advanced Sea Kayak Leader: Training & Assessment TBC
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