Coasteering Training

Do you want to become a Coasteering guide? Do you have Coasteering guide experience and need to consolidate your skills? This Coasteering Guide Training Course is 2 days combining theory and practical sessions based on the NCC guidelines .

You will have a clear action plan of skills and techniques you need to work on to increase your performance in guiding. If you have a number of Coasteering guides that need training, the course can be arranged at a location of your choice.

Why choose Lizard Adventure?

The course is led by J-P Eatock, the Vice Chair and founding member of the National Coasteering Charter, the most experienced Coasteering guide in Cornwall who also provides technical advice for other providers throughout the UK.

Our routes on the Lizard peninsula provide some of the most challenging and interesting Coasteering in the country – longer, lots of variety with jumps up to 10m.

Prices & Booking

Coasteering Guide Training course 2 days – £200

Terms & Condition

(Group discounts are available).

Dates & Details

Contact us for more dates if this is unsuitable.

Coasteering Course Details