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South West Outdoor Festival 2019

We are pleased to be involved in the National Trust SW Outdoor Festival this year. Join in the weekend of adventure in Penrose and Lizard. You can find out more about the festival here. Over the weekend there will be

Annual Sea Kayaking Gathering on the Lizard

Well, we held our annual Sea Kayak Gathering (which happens in September each year). A small and select group of people who want to join in with peer led trips (meaning that it is a cheap way to feel safe

SouthWest Paddlefest – Romany Sport

Thinking about how tight the boat surfed on the standing wave, I joined Rick Cooper from British Sea Kayaks to work with Peter Bray at the first Paddlefest event in Plymouth (A very well organised event by the way). Rick

Playing in a Welsh Tidal Race – Romany Sport

Wow – every time I go to the Bitches, Pembrokshire it just reminds me of why I paddle!  Perfect conditions on a small 6.7m tide to try out how it handles on a standing wave. As you can see… it

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