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Booking Office,
Hellarcher Farm,
Penmenner Road,
The Lizard,
TR12 7NN.

(01326) 290894


Sit-on-top Kayaking on the Lizard

What better way of getting away from it all and savour a fish’s eye view of the Cornish coastline than from a kayak. We have chosen the best sit on tops (made in the UK) that are stable for you to gracefully cut way along the Lizard Coastline. Depending on where you launch you may visit islands, go into caves, go through gaps, see seals and other wildlife and investigate the rugged littoral coastline. You never know, if you choose to you may even find a wave or two to surf!

Our Guides are trained to run through safety procedures before you launch, with the aim of giving you the basics to help you become an independent kayaker in the future if you wish. They will find the best places to show you, develop your paddling and also answer any questions that you have about the sport, especially if you are thinking of buying one yourself.

Much of our kayaking is delivered from Mullion Harbour, one of the most well known and renowned harbours on the Cornish Coast, with a heritage of small boat lobster, crab, bass and mackerel fishing. A jewel of a location on the Lizard that is a must to be visited, especially from the sea!





9.00am 12.00pm
Peak Season
10.00am 1.00pm
1.30pm 4.30pm
Peak Season
2.30pm 5.30pm

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Family Sit on Top Kayaking